To my great amusement, in middle school, my friends called me Bookworm. I embraced the nickname, considering it so aptly described my love for reading. I recall spending most of my elementary school days conversing with invisible characters in the library. As a child, it was a lonely way of life. But looking back, I'm very thankful for how far my bibliophile nature have gotten me.

The bridge from reading to writing was not an easy one to cross. I’ve always thought of books as wings, but after I had begun writing, I realized writing was far more powerful - and difficult. It's the vast difference between watching someone fly and deciding to leap off the next building in hopes that your wings might sprout on the way down. I've always believed that permanently inking my thoughts on paper was a great responsibility. Like most children, I began with writing little fantasy tales, short narratives, and simple summaries of novels. Not very powerful, right? But for me, this marked the beginning of a treacherous journey - that of authorhood.

My first taste of success was when I entered the PTSA Reflections program and won an Award of Merit in 2011. In the year of 2012, I won an Award of Excellence (surpassing district level) for my poetry. I continued to win two more Award of Merits, with the most recent being in 2016 [you can find my poems in the blog archives]. While competing in the Reflections program, I decided to mount a greater obstacle. The publication of my book. And when I put my mind to something, you better get out of the way.

In order to achieve this hugely ambitious dream of mine, I had to fund professional illustrating and editing through Kickstarter. I accumulated more than 50 drafts of my writing—some of which I still have stored in a monstrous cardboard box. For the sake of not boring you to sleep, I will simplify the explanation of my process in publishing Snowspirit: the Virgo Key here. In fact, all you really need to know is that I ran out of red pens within 24 hours while editing my first few drafts. Despite all odds, in 2015, I emerged triumphant, branded with the title of "14-year-old published author". Eventually, I had the opportunity to guest-speak at a local elementary school, had an article/review written about my book, and received two letters- one from my local school district superintendent and one from the California legislative assembly. As of today, one of my greatest accomplishments was receiving Bronze place in the National eLiterature competition in the sci-fi category in 2015. 

The arts—reading, writing, painting, etc.—is a messy path. But to truly express your ideas and seek greater meaning in this world is worth the death-by-headache and potential Carpal tunnel syndrome. My passion for writing has always been endless, especially because I've already sold half my soul to the beautiful devil called "creative arts". 

Some other important information: I update monthly, so come back and visit often. Of course, I try my best to post more than just monthly, but it's a stretch. I'm a high-school student, with very rigorous, loving, homework-giving teachers. Even so, I promise I have never gone a week without writing at least one piece (even if it isn't posted).

Now it's your turn to go write something. Get messy out there, soldier!





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